YASH BLOWERS PRIVATE LIMITED is a partnership firm Catering all Indian as well as Foreign markets have been established in 1998, offering a wide range of Industrial Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Pressure Pumps, Vacuum Blower, Industrial Air Blowers, Steel Rotary Vane Pumps and other products like vacuum pressure pump head, vacuum compressor, turbine blower etc. at affordable prices.  The manufacturing company implements technologically advanced processes together with economical feasibility for the production of industrial vacuum pumps, vacuum blower, vacuum pressure pumps, industrial air blowers, carbon vanes, side channel blower and allied products. High grade, die casted aluminum alloy goes into the making of blowers and pumps. The friction does not occur between the parts of blower, therefore lubrication is not needed. And, the pressurized vacuum or air created remains completely free from oil. The application areas of side channel blower are laminating press, oil burners, china clay crockery casting, vacuum lifting & feeding, dryers, etc.