Centrifugal Blower

Centrifugal Air Blower offered by us is a centrifugal turbo blower. Offered is serviceable as a durable unit that can work with film production machines, printing machines, toxic waste apparatus, hot air blowers, incinerators, uniform hotness apparatus, burning machines, synthetic extruders, food and beverage industries, domestic machines, grain elevators, dust collectors, textile equipment, dryer equipment, cooling machines etc.


Double Stage Ring Blower

The double stage turbine blower is manufactured by us using the high quality steel and is designed to have a long service life. The offered blower is made for various industrial and commercial applications. The blower is easy to install and operate. The blower is highly functional and made for commercial purposes and is made for making other equipment work.


High Vacuum Pump

We introduce durable and dimensionally accurate array of Vacuum Pressure Pumps to our clients at economical prices. These have a wide application in mini offsets, offset machines, paper folding machines, etc., for their excellent performance and longer operational life. Advanced technology implemented in production assures that our pumps have dimensional accuracy and low maintenance needs.



Single Stage Ring Blower

Ring Blower, manufactured and supplied by Yash Blowers Private Limited runs the air with the assistance of the tank-washer, enabling the water to keep rolling. The machine ensures proper cleaning of veggies due to the rotation it makes. The rapid flow scour occurring due to the rotation can wash the dirt out. Vegetable Washer Blower can wash the dirt layered on fruits, in a quick way.


Vacuum Pump

We are here manufacturing the high quality rotary vacuum pump that is made for the use in various industrial and commercial applications. It is made of high quality metal and has an effective performance that is long lasting. A vacuum in industries is used for getting the air molecules out and producing a little vacuum. The pump is very high power and has a ling a service life.